About HBRF

The HBRF was set up by the Hamilton Downtown Association (HDA) to provide financial assistance to local Hamilton, MT businesses impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic.  The HBRF is open to all Hamilton businesses, not just those in downtown.  HDA has setup a GoFundMe campaign where anyone can donate money to help local businesses stay afloat during this crisis so that once this is all over, they can continue operations and bring back employees who may have been laid off.  Visit the donate page to make a contribution today!


Donated funds will be held by HDA and distributed directly to local businesses to help them weather the economic impacts of COVID-19. Potential uses include payment of mortgage or rent, utilities, insurance, or other business-related expenses.  Businesses will access funds through an application process available on the apply for funding page.  Applications for funding will be reviewed by HDA and, when approved, funds will be distributed to applicants immediately.  If funds remain when businesses are once again fully operable, these funds will remain with HDA and be used to provide continued assistance to local Hamilton businesses.

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